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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen This book sent me to roller coaster with emotions... this got me laughing, sighing, sad, angry, and wow! First of all, this is not a book review, this is my opinion about the book so yeah.... bear with me if u can't u can quit readied the rest:)
In the past few months, I've been reading Sarah Dessen's book, and it was all amazing, breath taking but soooooo far this is my favourite, becuz u know.... the characters are all so real; it was like I was with Macy the whole time, it juz seems so realistic and that's what I've been looking for a book.. :D
I was a bit annoyed by her mother, to be frank, she was not listening to Macy, she thinks she knows what's best for Macy but hell, she does not have any inkling of what's happening to her daughter.. it seems like I can relate y'know , my mom is the exactly the same it seems like every typical mother is like that ... but as I read, I realized tht she had also been grieving for the loss of his husband by hiding herself deeper in work and she seemed to see tht her old Macy she know is disappearing... it seems safe for her this way, because this she's always in control of her emotions and it's juz plain sad... and there is Wes* sigh* I am always a sucker for the main guy in the book.. Oh well:)
if there is ever one thing I've learnt, it is what Kristi said: Life is too short so we have to make every second of our lives worth it... to make ourselves always to feel alive in every single moment:DDD