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That Boy

That Boy - Jillian Dodd Book review:
That boy
Jillian(4 Stars)

This book is seriously a light read and a fun read... this book got it's twists and turns like a big thing that happened to JJ( not gonna say anymore, got to read the book yourself ^^)
Anyway, I wished I also had guy bestfriends, it has a lot of benefits and I if I say it's a lot, I don't kid .:) Advices, no stabbing being the back unilaterally, kisses, muscles and etc...
I juz loved Phillip, he's so caring and such a devoted friend, I knew that he was long in love with JJ:D He's soooooo adorable;)
Such a sweet, sweet guy!

Danny, however is the complete opposite... he's exciting , adventurous, and a guy who prefers hookups but it was kind of a good thing that he found his perfect matchxD

Although, I found this book fun read, it's a bit lengthy and long... it's become more dramatic but I kind of find some of it well written... not overdo so overall four stars!:)
If you're looking for a fun light read... you've got to take this book... steamy kisses, hot boys who would ask for more!!!! Right?...
and p.s. this book sorta remind me of the boys next door by Jennifer Echols :))) a bit, though!=]