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His Eyes

His Eyes - Renee Carter His eyes
Renee Carter

This book had inspired me and taught me something new; Love has no limits no matter whatsoever
Like, for instance let's take Amy and Tristan together, they fell in love even though Tristan is blind..:)
You know I just love Amy, she's strong, determined, caring and unselfish and she's the type of girl who doesn't care about what other people think.. and, plus I like the way she thinks like for example, Lexus the ex girlfriend of Tristan( she's such a bitch, skank and very manipulative) went back with Tristan, all she wanted to do was to ditch her in the car when she was driving her .
Tristan, however is a typical guy before he became blind, partying, hooking up with girls, drinking. Well, that changed because he became blind, he dropped school, stay mostly on his room locked up but Amy changed all of that, she showed her there's a future for him and for them:)
It's well written, kept me interested and I loved the plot... it's just right, no overdone or lengthy on Any part... it's just right:D
Overall, it's 5 stars^^