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Harmonic Feedback

Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly I frikkin' love this book!! Drea is a girl I can somehow relate. She was not good in socialising with other people( like me) but yet she was not afraid to be who she is... I totally loved the way she handled herself... she seems cool despite her mental disability.. She's close to her mom too, that's cool although sometimes her mom infuriate her...;)

She loved music, no kidding she's like a music freak, I can't even understand what they're saying... I'm lost but I don't care, I still love her...
There's Naomi too, she's a girl who I'll call lively, cheery and a girl who shines... duh, she loves yellow.
She's like the girl who loves bright colours. But the sad part was that she was dealing with her problems by smoking, partying, hooking up, drugs... it's how she escaped things at her house. I don't want to judge her cause everyone has their own way dealing of their own problems. That's her way of it... I just wished she had listened to Drea and Justin and things wouldn't have to end up like this.

Justin is such a good guy... he's so sweet! It may look to you that he's perfect but he has a dark past... I kinda like that because he seems real than a fiction perfect guy blah blah.. I hoped to find a guy like him... he's hot and waaaayyy sexy, not to mention sweet. Even Naomi is longing for a guy like him, who would loved her the way she is and not a stool like Scott ( pulling out a face here)

Drea had been a good friend and I don't believe she's at fault... She had helped Naomi and it was Naomi's choices that screwed up things badly.. there's just so much a friend can do:'(

Anyway, I just loved this cute story:) It was heartbreaking and it was written with such a flow that just got you on tune..it was sweet story about friendship and first love^^
Also, it made me think that I should appreciate my friend more. LOL!:B