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Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen I can tell you my heart just came out on an emotional roller coaster ride... my heart felt like it loses air, it was floaty, light... i felt a sheer of happiness...
God, their arguments are soooooooooooo damn cute..
I LOVE BRYCE awkwardness and hidden love from Juli... he may appear coward but that boy is a keeper, and that I'm sure:) He's just going through on an awkward phase where he's sooooo super confused over this girl, Juli, who had exaggeratingly shown her crush on Bryce... It was soooooo cute and soooo brave of Juli , I tell youxD
At the end, Bryce is sooooo sweet... I just sighed, my heart fluttering with a stupid grin on my face... Oh, why is there no many Bryce in this world... No really, I just find him adorable:)
Juli, on the other hand, had been a strong role model who had persevered on making Bryce liked her:) It had paid off, eventually... well, kinda C;
She's strong and cute when she's mad. I find her amusing, to be honest... Oh come on, you've got to find the "sniffing part" hilarious:)
I've got this look when I reached that part : XD

All the other characters were really well written...
The two brothers who are funny as hell , Lynette who had been an obviously difficult teenager and the parents who have a lot of complicated prob... bleh!

To be honest, I find Mr. Baker a good, OK scratch that, great father unlike Mr. Lolski who's such a jerk>:(
There is also the grandfather who's very wise and insightful:D I love that grandpa! His story made my heart thumped because it was love at first sight.. it was sooooooo romantic!!!!

This Book has made me laugh, cry at the same time.. well done Ms. Drannen because the book, confession of a serial kisser kinda let me down so I wasn't really expecting a mind blowing book but whoa, was I wrong!

This book has taught me that behind those smug smiles, jock attitude that you think he/she is having, you may be wrong as there is more to what you are seeing him/her. You must reach that spot where there are barriers that was making it hard to be reached ... and Juli had reached that hard, stubborn spot that Bryce had, juli had also opened the eyes of Bryce... it was sweet!

P.S aaargh, this book made me want to see the movie!!! It better not let me down:)