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Unsticky - Sarra Manning This left me mixed feelings after I read it. At first, I hated Grace... she was so whiny, always complaning and looked very helpless because of her excessive crying... Gah, I hate those kind of girls!
Vaughn, however looked very professional, charming on the outside but actually inside was also broken and messed up... He was a cold, bossy, and arrogant.. How can Grace put up with him???
At the end, they began to grow on me you know?? Their weird relationship or arrangement for that matter, were full of arguments but there was a tiny spark even though they could not see it;).... Grace was actually a great person if she get over her insecurity which was she feel that she was worthless so she binged on shopping that she can't afford.... Debt! Debt!
What really touched and made me cry was the fact that Vaughn said sorry, apologised for real to Grace.... My reaction was awww^^

Overall, this was a sweet read and it was not a light read, it went much deeper. ;)