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The Locket

The Locket - Stacey Jay Omg, this book is soooooo sweet! Now then I did realize how deadly it is to time travel. And the writing was vivid and mesmerizing... all the characters play a part in the plot even the minors... Somewhere at the end, I almost wanted to tear up because of..( oops, do not want to ruin the story for people who have not read the book yet but for people who have read it, u know what I'm talking about;) The pain was sooooo realistic, i swore i could feel katie's pain. We would realise and be appreciative of that special someone once he/she was gone...

I am actually very glad that this is a happy ending because if it isn't , I would be shouting "Ms. Jay why did you let that happen??" :P
I love Mitch, he's such a sweetheart. Can you believe that he did not date anyone because he was actually waiting for Katie to notice him? Soooo sweet! And I soooo liked him better than Isaac.
Overall, this is a sweet time travelling book that most people would enjoy!