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There You'll Find Me

There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones I truly enjoyed this book... it made me reflect about my life and this book have wit and chemistry... omg Beckett made me swoon.. ah^^
review to come~:>

This book is amazing given the fact I'm a christian too. I love Finley, she had gone through a lot because Will, her closer brother had died... it was saddening because even though it was two years, she was still grieving. Now she was off to go to Ireland, the place where his brother had felt closer to God and also because of Will's journal and that was where she met Beckett Rush... aaah, saying his name made me swoon. Oooh, my legs are turning jelly!XD
Those two have chemistry, i ain't blind to see that these two were head over heels each other. Their conversations were hilarious as well as infuriating....i kept laughing and rolling my eyes... bur Beckett has issues. Hey who knew movie stars have major issues too? Finn and Beckett were compatible for each other... Let's not forget Bob the dog!:D I have a soft spot for dogs!

Characters like Erin and her family were a big part of the plot as well, this family took Finley and Beckett as if they were family!:D That family were very friendly, i don't know I just find them great! Don't ask me why!C:

I tell you this book made me want to go Ireland so badly because the book made Ireland alive, it was alnost i can imagine Ireland( the boisterous and wonderful music, the people, God)if I had the money:D which I don't .. sadly no:(

Sister Maria is such a weird nun if u want my honest opinion but she is a compassionate and a wise one who guided Finley's journey and helped her for her music piece.

Somehow i can relate to Finley... God isn't really speaking to me so i can feel the frustration y'know? I feel confusion at how much i want to feel the closeness we God used to have... Guess I wasn't really listening, eh?
I also wanted answers like why did God take away good people like Will, he was a devoted christian and brother. WHY DID GOD CHOSE HIM? Guess I'll never know as this is where God works in mysterious ways!

At the end, i'm very happy she finally moved on from her insecurities and grief. The message of the book is very clear and deep and it really speaks to me... overall, this book would made me.want to reread it somewhere in future!!!!:)