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Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald Its been a long timw since i wrote a review because of you know exams! AARGH, EXAMS SUCK!!
Anyway, this book had really made my day! This book shows a girl moving on from her obssesion over Garrett Delaney! Really at the start I can't find anything special over Garrett. He seems like a normal guy but oh boy, was Sadie in love with him!

It was weird to instantly think that your destined together by just meeting someone at the first time. And to mention the fact that he was the center of your universe. Its not only weird, its freaky!
Oh, the characters were such a treat. There was LuAnn who had been hurt by a guy, she is wacky and crazy but she was a real softie! I love her the most. There is also Kayla who was such a good and fun friend! And to think that Garett made fun of her! There's also Dom whi was reserved and controlled, she can be a real bitch sometimes! There's Aiko, Carlos and Josh! You just have to love them. Let me tell you how she had recovered from Garrett. It was difficult at first but who says it easy right? Anyway it was also inspiring and I cheered at the time where Sadie was slowly letting go of Garett! I do wish that they tell more about Josh. All i know was he was a big hearted goof! I also wished they elaborated more about Dom and Carlos relationship:)
Anyway all I could say that this book is hilarious and warm and inspirational. I liked the book^^