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Geek Girl

Geek Girl - Cindy C. Bennett I really loved this one~ review to come!^^


Well I must say this book stole my heart away. Well, can you blame me, since Trevor kept melting my heart with his sweetness and Jennifer a.k.a Jen awesommmeeenesss
<<Aaaah ok this review might contain some spoiler>>
Jennifer life have always been parties, moving from one place to another, those kind of crap until she saw Trevor well things change!!:)
Jen then made a bet that she could turn trevor bad for a piercing in her lip.. She then flirted hard with Trevor who seemed taken aback but he kept being polite*sigh* I love guys who's polite..
It was then where we saw Jen's layer peel away... i feel very awful of what happened to her.. she had been badly abused by father and been neglected by her mother and to make things worst her mom's new husband tried to rape her...she then became rebellious with her clothes and stuff.. It was kind of awful for her, i can't even imagine. There was also the foster families who had taken her, some use her for money... but there was this one family she came to love but also loses.. But at the end her current family adopted her. Woop! I'm so happy for her! She's a real softie inside i tell u!:)
And there's trevor who had been with her. Their relationship is so cute and funny Hahhah!! Trevor is such a geek. He had really come to love Jen whole, her appearance, her past. And they really are an odd couple. Trevor was such a good influence to Jen, he was just so great, why most of the guys aren't like him:P
There's really a lot of more characters here such as Brian, Jane, Tuh-ma-ruh(tammara:) and jane which jen became bestfriends with when trevor broke up with her when he found the bet.
:( IT was sad and i learnt Trevor has pride, hahhahah
I really love this book and i hope you guys will too:O