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Angel Fire (Angel Trilogy)

Angel Fire - L.A. Weatherly If you are not fan of spoilers, I suggest you do not read this:P

I love love love this book. I can't wait for the next book.. I am sooooo glad that Willow and Alex are together at the end. When Seb came, I was like God what was wrong with him? He was in love with the girl he had never even known!! It was very frustrating! I'm not really a fan of a love triangle that's why..*sheepish smile*
Not that Seb was a frustrating character, he was actually a sweet guy who wanted the best for willow but it made Alex jealous! I can't blame him for feeling like that so Willow and Alex have a fight.. I seriously wanted to burst to tears at that moment.
I was really glad Willow truly loved Alex and considered Seb as just her friend! But when Alex's aura was seen as angel burn , i thought Willow was the cause but luckily it was not... Willow totally broke off thing with cause she refused to hurt Alex! Let me tell you Alex felt like crap..:C

I totally adores Alex and him stepping up as a leader was no easy task but he overcame that.. The only person I hate in the team is Kara.. let me be just straightforward here: she's a real BITCH!!! God i wondered how.Alex put up with her.. what!! When Alex broke off with Willow, you can make your move... Get a grip.woman!! GEEZ..
Anyway the action, the angel killing part was smooth as the plot progresses!!
I wished Oct would come sooner..:x
4.5 stars:))

P.S the cover can seriously do better! I mean look at the cover?!?! God!