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Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard I find this book amazing! It's about this girl Bria who had just come out of the breakup with her asshole boyfriend. I mean who get jealous of his own girlfriend by breaking his promise? A jerk.
So, Bria went in the trip to prove herself and to get away. She found a booooring tour group with a grumpy tour guide. Was I glad she had ditched her group?!:)
It was then, she met Starling. I liked Starling- shes a good sister to Rowan.

I have got to admit Rowan kind of make me pissed. It was because he is so closed off and feeling like he is superior himself. But as the story goes on, he began to grow on me. like a rash;) Especially his pranks with tourist!<:<br/>I could see he was running away from his past. Forgetting. Erasing. His past was seriously messed up. He dealt far serious stuff but he was over it. Thank God.
Bria was right--> Rowan was a very insightful person I have ever read.
At the end, Bria realised that she could not let Toby take power on her life. She finally let him go and I cheered towards the end. Although at the near she had screwed up but I was glad it all worked out.

Rowan and Bria's relationship was complicated. Bria was very hesitant on what lines she would cross in terms to Rowan. They were like brothers and sisters. But no, there was chemistry and it was so sweet how they had finally kissed. FINALLY

This was not just romance, its two people finding themselves in a trip. Seriously, this made me feel like going backpacking on a trip with a hot guy. Haha:D
Anyway, I seriously recommend it!^^