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Girls Don't Fly

Girls Don't Fly - Kristen Chandler This book is a journey for me. I love Myra, she's a girl who tried to please everyone except herself and she's an awesome sister who will be there for his brothers and her sister. She is also a doormat who let Erik, an ass, take advantage of her. I mean Erik is seriously messed up!! And Pete is a good guy and interesting? He is so sweet and intellectual. I just adored him!! Anyway, this is Myra's self journey on finding her own happiness:D and I was right there beside her cheering for her. Her sister, Mel might be mean and smart ass but inside she cares for Myra and hurting. She just built those walls ya know?? Anyway, the story was well developed although at the start, the story was slow. Super slow, that's probably why I procrastinated. A LOT. And it took me time to finish this. Luckily I did finish this!!