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Flawless - Lara Chapman This book got me hooked from the start:). The characters were plotted well, especially the "bestfriends" part where Kristen and Sarah's friendship is clearly emphasized. It shows that Kristen was protective over Sarah for she was endlessly teased by her classmates over one flaw and that is her nose. There is also Rock, the hottie in the story xD, who had tested Sarah's loyalty on her bestfriend as they had both fallen in love with him. I admire Sarah's strength especially on the scene where Sarah's mother was being stabbed( not literally) behind her back by Jen who they befriended and y'know what Sarah did, she stood up for her mother and I admired her guts:) and for sacrificing her own happiness for her bestfriend and that is a friend that is trustworthy. She also helped Kristen to pretend that she's literature expert by writing to him as Kristen. That is deceitful and wrong especially if her feelings toward Rock grow. There was a time that she almost admitted to Rock how she felt. Almost. Furthermore, there is also Sarah's acceptance of her nose and she had grown to know that her nose is a part of her and I couldn't agree more.

What made this book somewhat special is it isn't some typical novels that " the friend gave in on her bestfriend's boyfriend and drama drama drama.." It was something more, friendship, love, courage, acceptance:DDD

You can also sense that Rock's real feelings were directed towards Sarah even though he was in a relationship with Kristen.

The ending actually made me sigh and smile as it was sooooo sweet.
Anyways just read it and you'll be pulled into the dilemma Sarah's feeling.
Thumbs up for this book:D