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Heart on a Chain

Heart on a Chain - Cindy C. Bennett This book is heartbreakingly beautiful!!!! I felt sadness seeping through me while I was reading this:'((

Kate is our main character here. I can't believe on how much she had been through; her mother's abuse, school mates taunting and humiliating her. I was juz so surprised she managed to still be alive with swollen bruises, broken bones and ribs. The most incredulous thing was nobody even showed any concern, her father, isn't even worth to be called father, more like a stranger:@, did suspect the abuse but didn't try to stop it, her school mates even added her pain. Is that how cruel people are?

Enter Henry's world who had been Kate's bestfriend since kindergarten. When he moved away, his heart broke leaving Kate behind but now that he came back on the senior year, he was trying to be Kate's friend no matter on how she pushed him away. I can't blame Kate, I mean, how do you expect her to let her guard down right? Anyway, Henry became Kate's friend and during their time together, they became more than a friend. Henry's family welcomed Kate at home, they almost make her one of their home.

But problems tore them apart, and I was very damn sad:'( I won't tell you what cause I dory want to ruin it for you.:P

Anyway, I respected Kate for her bravery and modesty. She's such an awesome girl if you saw her letting her guard down. Inside it was a special girl, who doesn't care how she looked, who say what's on her mind....
Henry, on the other hand, is friendly and open to everyone. He has determination and he is such a kind soul.:)
You've got to try to read this book:>