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Flat-Out Love

Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park This book is frikkin fantastic!!!!!!!! I meant it..... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I just loved the characters, well except Jared, I don't actually know him that much but I'll just have to trust Julie's opinion about him..:) Jerk! And also Julie's father... what an asshole, seriously!!!:@
The Watkins family may be messed up but I still loved them anyw! I loved Celeste... she may be quirky, odd but she's a special kid:)

Flat Finn is sooooooo hilarious, funny yet it held an importance in the Watkins family... some may laugh at that thing but they just don't know, you know! They judge sooooo fast! GGR, THOSE PEOPLE IRRITATES ME!!

Finn, I can say is charming, witty, funny and hot! That must have been why Julie fell for Finn... I mean who wouldn't fell for him? He had a sense of humor and he's attractive and highly entertaining....:) Even if their relationship is only in email^^

Matt, the adorable guy and the geeky type... I've got to admit he's hot in a different way:) A smart guy and annoying.. cute!
Really, there's a font nerd... seriously?! It's just unbelievably funny!!!! Lucky, Matt doesn't belong in that group!
The way he and Julie fought for silly things is cute! Funny, too I must add..

The statuses is weird and funny.... tooxD Those just make me go LOL!

Julie... I liked her... she's like a fun older sister I never had:) She's the expert in English and literature... she's the one who had helped Celeste to be not kicked out by her school because she wasn't great with people on her own age... I loved how she cares about Celeste, how Julie helped her to move on from flat Finn( there's actually a reason why she have flat Finn but I'm keeping my mouth shut. Wouldn't want to ruin the little mystery:)
And also the way Matt And her have those silly arguments...
The way she comforted Erin because of her depression..
She was the one that was keeping up the life force of the Watkins family... I totally looked up to her.
My heart broke when Matt and she fought badly that Julie had to move you know... she was so confused and I just wanted to comfort her.. my heart ached at her... she's soooooo lost:( I bawled my heart outD:

The ending was a happy ending, to my great relief!!!! I'm a sucker for a happy ending, who wouldn't be?!... xD
This book certainly won't leave my heart that easily;) Because, I adored this!