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I love reading Ya and contemporary novels. I also fall in love with fictional characters too much ;) 


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Almost - Anne Eliot MIND BLOWN. This book is freaking amazing and I'm such in a crying state. Seriously, you have to have a box of kleenex while reading this. Jess and Gray have such a great chemistry.

Omg Gray was such an awesome male pov. He was caring, dorkingly funny and sweet and he have a heart. I am so in love with him aaaaaahhhh he's freaking great. :DDDD

What Jess had gone through was no joke. She was badly hurt for she was almost raped. All her nightmares had me crying and sobbing. I tell you my face was such in a mess. I so wanted to kill the guy who did this. How dare he?!?!!? I @#$%@$% hate him!!!!
Anyway, this book had also got me smiling goofily at Gray's flirting. Omg come on he's so hot?! NOT TO MENTION FREAKING CUTE AND ADORABLE

<333 I just loved this book. My heart was seeiously broken, I really wanted to beat the hell out of the guy who did this!! But I'm just happy that Jess had moved on and was now with Grey. They are so awesommeeee characters!!:)<br/>If you haven't read this you're missing out*winks* Ohhh let me tell you Gray's winks
Anyways really recommend this!!<: