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Review : Storm (Elemental #1)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer

I liked it. At the first part,  it was an exciting read for me as I flipped through the pages to learn more about Chris and Becca.  (Mild spoiler ahead )


In the middle part though, I was still interested to know what happened but my excitement had dampened. Idk but I find Beth somehow irritating, and her beginnings with Hunter didn’t go well for me. I mean,  she liked Hunter but got jealous of Chris talking to a girl. Like whaat ? She was happy with Hunter but she was pining to Chris at the same time ??


Also,  I think that Becca and Chris getting together  was just due to their situations. If Hunter wasn’t a Fifth , Becca would have ended with him . I really didn’t feel the connection between Becca and Chris. If more so, Hunter was the one who have a stronger relationship with her. LIKE COME ON HE SPENT THE NIGHT COMFORTING HER LIKE THAT’S NOT GONNA MEAN SOMETHING. That’s just some problems I felt in the book.


But the good points are that the writing was very detailed and I like her style of writing. Also, I like that Becca wasn’t a timid girl who doesn’t have a backbone but I liked that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and take on the Merrick brothers. I mean that girl can throw a mean punch .

Although she had a sad past, it didn’t really didn’t turn her into an emotional girl who sulked off in the corner. And Quinn,  I feel that her character should have been developed more. Gabriel was mentioned quite often in the book,  and even though he seems reckless and dangerous , I find that he's just confused and lost because of his parents death. Also, I was taken aback because in Elementals, his parents are still alive and well, the relationship between him and Michael weren’t that hostile. I was taken aback by the sudden setting. So, I was shocked to see him and Michael bickering.


Overall, I still enjoyed it and would still continue to pick up the series. I can’t wait for Gabriel’s POV, he’s one intriguing character.



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