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Review : Dare you to

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

I must say I loved this one (: It was beautifully written and so emotional.


It all started with a dare ...


Beth is a complex character and what she had gone through (it isn't all pretty, I can tell you that) had made her heart to turn hard which cause her to have trust issues. She's a frustrating character at times and I feel like strangling her for the bad choices she made. 


Enter Ryan Stone . He's a jock and is a baseball player. He may seem like he have the perfect life but it's not what it seems like. He has a pressurising life that he gets from his father and a silent mother that is always in his father's shadow . He also has a gay brother who is disowned by his family. This causes a drift in Ryan's family which he once thought they were a perfect and a happy family. He's unique though because he's the first jock which is a virgin (WEIRD RIGHT?!) but refreshing (: I fell in love with him though because he respect girls and idk it's my softspot ^^ 

I love how he never let go of Beth no matter what. Their love is so strong but I assure you its not an insta love thing that most YA have. Their love builds up slowly and  steadily ♡ I also love how Beth pushed him to be closer to his brother , Mark. In other words, they are meant to be each other (: I just love how they got together in the end ♥ 



Uncle Scott is a remarkable character (: Yes he make mistakes but who doesn't ? What natters is how you corrected it now ! 

Also, Isaiah *cries* my heart break on how things ended between him and Beth. He really cares about Beth that I cannot doubt but Beth does not love him like what he wanted her to  I'm just a glad there's a next book about him . He deserves his happy ending too :(


Overall, I really enjped this and recommend this to YA lovers out here. Its not necessary to read the first book but it will be helpful if you did (: