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Swoon at Your Own Risk

Swoon at Your Own Risk - Sydney Salter This book is hilariously funny... <3 Polly and Xander:) Who would have thought avoiding boys is utterly hopeless and impossible...<br/> This book made me laugh, cry, sigh, and look for hot boys.. haha juz kidding... in this book, I've learned that there are decent guys somewhere in the world, not juz immature, stupid, jerk, guys... wuld u blame becuz that's how guys at my age acted.. always playing blackshot and such perverting thoughts... How disgusting, right?-.-
Anyways, this book is sooooooooo awesome tht I can't put it down and juz to inform you Polly's dad is such a.. .... .... .... un- fatherly figure to grace and Polly... such a complete butt head who can't even spare his precious time to her daughters.. :@
Gotta love miss Swoon and her advice "...ditch the big dog but not the small dog..." And the mother is awesome at her Uranus jokes:)))

i recommend u to read this book and you'll be laughing ur butts off:D