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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver This is a intriguing book.. it perks my interest the moment I read the summary of the book... it actually, to be frank, disgust me to live there.. without love, life seems dull.. duller than usual... it's actually painful to see those people cured... seriously.:O

Lena is actually stronger than I expected.. at first, I assumed she's weak, scared because of what happened to her mom but she showed her inner strength... it was great to see her loved again... loved Alex... :) *gushing,blushing*

If Alex died in the next book, I dun noe wat to say:'(.. so I hoped Ms. Oliver not to kill Alex...

This actually reminds of the book "the resistance" by Gemma Malley... Oh well! Anyways, this book is such a good read...!!!!!!!!! Recommend it to dystopian lover:)