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Never Eighteen

Never Eighteen - Megan Bostic I just want to say that this book had really made me rethink or reflect on how i defined life. Something I say life sucks but some people are taken out of the chance to live say for example Austin. He was sick with cancer and i felt very sad because.he does not deserve to die, he should have been in college, he should have experienced more but he did not. I am really sad. His relationship with kaylee is great. I love both of them, they clicked, i love how Austin described her as real person, not like some piece of meat and i want to banged at them because they are both idiot wasting to tell each other how they feel. And the adventure austin took is heartwarming. He tried to save them but sometimes they all can't be rescued. I understand this need and i hope when he died, people will remeber how great he was.
This is totally heart wrenching book that this made me cry:')