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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick ooh, I loved the plot already :-)
sounds great!
(They may be spoilers in this review>:)

I love the story, the relationship of
Sam and Jase, the Garrett family, and Tim
Yeah, Tim is seriously my favourite character:D I do not know why he's my favourite despite its addiction of smoking and drugs.. He was just the one that caught my interest!
I love the Garrett family- I mean gosh George is adorableee and Patsy is damn funny:D

At the part where Sam knew who hit Mr. Garrett and she was not telling Jase, I was all ready to close the book and give up because I felt pissed off. Jase have the right to know and she is keeping it.
I was then glad that I gave it a chance because I then understood why the hesitation.. Geez, I mean its still your mom and I really hate the sleazebag Clay. Hes an asshole- A FACT!

Anyway, I was glad she did the right thing although the ending was a bit abrupt and Nan also irritates me. I mean seriously what kind of bestfriend is she. Seriously wtf?! Sam is just pointing out her mistake and she act like Sam is making her life hell! Urgh!
Also, Tracy wasnt really mentioned in the book so what was the point of putting her in the book?

Anyway, I enjoyed the book although I have some issues with it:)