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Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart - Melissa C. Walker "Nothing was ever real with him. He was with Amanda. James is with me."


This book is beautifully written and it made me angry (mainly towards Ethan), sad, hopeful, happy.
I mean, Clem started off being depressed and sad that it started to annoy me. I mean she has a great family who really loves her and she is PMSing. But I understand when that "big thing" had been explained. It seriously bugged me when I realized that Ethan was off the hook while Clem was suffering. I mean, as the book progresses, it became obvious that Ethan was a jerk.
I was really glad tha Clem realized that what she and Ethan had wasnt real. Its quite a relief actually that all those times she was moping was not for Ethan. Because I seriously have nothing to say anymore about Ethan.

"Nothing was ever real with him. He was with Amanda. James is with me."

When James is introduced, he kind of reminds me of rainbow. I mean, that guy smiles. HE SMILES A LOT. I am not kidding. But he has something he was hiding as well and for that I was glad. Because he was not a picture perfect guy who would swoop Clem's feet and save her. Because that would be cliche. I liked James but I was kind of confused and annoyed where he freaked out over something. But it was all good.

Clem however, I do not know why I felt like she was my sister.or something. I felt angry and sad of.what happened to her. And I felt punching Ethan on his face. I was kind of protective towards her! I was kind of frustrated when Clem was always moping and always sad but.

Amanda, I know she has the right to be angry but it was really mean of her to outcast her. She did not even ask Clen for the side of her story. It does not really bother me that much. What really bothers me was E-T-H-A-N.

"Good," he said. "Because this Ethan kid sounds like a dick."

I also love the supporting characters like Olive, Ruth, George.
I higly recomment this to anyone!