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Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold's Head - Lindsey Leavitt What a sweet story !:) I really kinda find it funny for Payton to use Sean Griswold's head as her focus object. I lala-loved the way Sean and her talk and the way they are together:) Its cute okay? ^^ I was grinning like a fool aha!

At the first part though, Payton frustrate me with her little rebellion against her family. I was like screaming in my head, " You have a Dad who cares for you ! Why would you get angry just because they kept it from you and blah blah.."
But as I read on, I get why she was angry, its not because of the fact that her parents did not tell her, its because she is afraid to accept or acknowledge the fact that her Dad was sick. She was scared that there would be no hope for him to get well ya know ? So she refused to talk to her dad or even brought up the topic about his condition.

That is why I liked Payton- She has flaws and that makes her as real as ever although her character is kinda frustrating or was that just me? O.o
I also liked Sean beacause I find him adorable , enough said ha! And Jac, Payton's bestfriend, is amusing and a good friend:)

Anyway, I would totally recommend this to anyone who would love a sweet and young romance:)