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Send Me a Sign

Send Me a Sign - Tiffany Schmidt This book made me cry:'( I can feel her pain, I mean having a cancer is no joke.. It really surprise that she can keep it hidden from her friends. I really like that Gyver( HOW COOL WAS THAT NAME:) care about Mia and put up with her superstition crap:DD

My first impression towards her friends that they were shallow but in one way or another, they all care about Mia. It also goes to Ryan, he's a great guy. Mia and him just didn't go well, they aren't happy with each other even though they tried their hardest:(

There are times I feel so frustrated towards Mia! I can't get her why would she give up just beacause she see a stupid sign and also because I believed that she was just using Ryan:/ But everything works out and I think she wanted to be happy with Ryan but that's not the case..

I'm glad Gyver and her aaahh<3