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Review : Stealing Parker

Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally

I'm so glad I gave this a chance. At first park of this book, I thought this is gonna be a shallow book and I really disliked Parker on how she continually play around with boys. But as the book progresses, I came to realise that she has a reason for this. I really feel bad for her on what she had gone through and how people judged her blatantly. I guess society is like that, one slip up and everyone turned their backs on you. I have no idea how she can be friends or ex friends in that case because she isa bad friend. And what Parker did is unacceptable but I understand that she is confused and crave to be loved and wanted. Somehow, this relates to me on how people including me make bad choices in life because we are craving a wrong kind of love. I am also happy that Will aka Corndog (Does this nickname make you hungry or what ) learned to be there for Parker and eventually love her. He is so sweet especially with his younger brother Bo (: All in all , I really did enjoy this novel ♡